Our Values


Humans are messy

We are all humans and humans are messy. We want to provide a safe environment that nurtures and bets on human potential so that we can be our whole, messy selves. That means respecting ourselves & our co-workers and having the individual agency to both succeed, as well as fail, honestly.

Be seen

We believe showing up as your whole self every day is the best way to love what you do and do great work. We also know that being your authentic self is an act of tremendous courage. To be seen requires vulnerability. We strive to build relationships safe enough to allow you to show up as you.

Choose love

At Dante32 we choose to believe that love trumps fear. We assume positive intent in our words, actions and choices. We believe in abundance rather and scarcity and that leads to a more caring, compassionate and open hearted life.

Always ask the question

We know that curiosity is the key to learning and that asking good questions is the only way to create a space for answers, even when that is uncomfortable. Asking the tough questions of each other first begins with asking tough questions of ourselves. Holding space for radical self-inquiry allows us to surface our own emotions and ask ourselves “why?” with humility.

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