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We help create everything you need to create a podcast strategy including setting goals, podcast structure recommendation and launch strategy

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Podcast Goal definition

What goals do you have for your podcast?

Podcasts can help build brand awareness, improve customer retention and aid in customer education. We help you clarify and analyze your goals to make sure a podcast is the right fit for you.

Is your podcast part of a multi-content strategy?

Adding a podcast to your content strategy can enable you to reach audiences you otherwise wouldn’t. We help you add audio to your strategy to meet customers where they are.


Metadata definition and creation

How do you name your podcast?

Your podcast name will be the first thing a potential listener will see. Dante32 will work with you to name your podcast, including research and analysis to potential competitors.

What should your cover art be?

Podcast cover art is a visual indication of your brand and your podcast. Some podcasts have their hosts, some don’t. Some have more text vs. graphics or vice versa. We’ll help you identify the right cover art design for you so that your podcast stands out amongst the crowd.

How should you describe your show to potential listeners?

A comprehensive and engaging description is a key to getting additional listeners and increasing the discoverability of your podcast. Dante32 will be there to help craft the right description for you and your podcast by distilling our research and knowledge of the podcast market into advice and a recommendation.


Audio recording equipment recommendations

How should you record your podcast?

One of the most powerful aspects of podcasting is it’s low barrier to entry. All you need a microphone and some record software and you can get started. But while that’s fine for personal or hobby podcasts, your brand needs more professional sound. Dante32 can help you decide on the optimal recording setup for you and your podcast.

What’s the best equipment to use to record your podcast?

Recording equipment can range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Dante32 can help you cut through the noise and get the right setup for you at the price you need.

Do you need a professional studio to record your podcast? 

While a professional studio can produce amazing sound, it’s absolutely not necessary to achieve professional sound. Dante32 can help turn your office or home into a recording studio for your podcast.


production schedule

How does episode audio go from recorded to published ?

Using our episode production services, Dante32 will take your recorded audio files and edit them all into a single, cohesive episode. We’ll clean up the audio, edit it for content and flow as well as add any music, ads and intros / outros needed.

How often should I publish my podcast?

Podcasting, like other forms of content creation, thrives on consistency. From daily to monthly, there’s a lot of options for how often to publish. We at Dante32 recommend somewhere between once a week to twice a month, depending on your experience and goals.

How long should the episodes be?

One of the most attractive parts of publishing a podcast is the fact that there is no limit. There are successful 5 minute podcasts and there are successful 3 hour podcasts. The hard part will be figuring out where on that spectrum your podcast falls. That’s why we exist: we’re here to partner with you to help you figure out the right answer.


Existing Content

Do you have existing content you could use to jumpstart your podcast?

Getting started in a brand new medium like podcasting can be intimidating. One way to make it less overwhelming is to look at the content you’ve already created for other mediums: blogs, books and webinars. You have expertise that’s waiting to find a new audience. We help assess your existing content and create a plan to repurpose it where possible.


podcast Strategy

Can a podcast help you land new customers and users?

Podcasts, especially interview based ones, are a great opportunity to interview you customers, both current and future. Replace costly trade shows and user group meetings with a recurring podcast where you spend time getting to your customer, one on one.

How does a podcast help build trust and credibility with as a thought leader in your industry?

When talking to podcast listeners about why they like listening to them, one word keeps coming up: intimacy. Audio is an extremely intimate medium and it allows you to give a glimpse of your expertise and skills to your listener.

Is there an event coming up you’d like to support ( trade show, conference, book launch )

Supporting an upcoming event is a great opportunity for a podcast. For example, using a podcast for a conference has several benefits:

  1. Helps publicize the conference by giving listeners an opporunity to sample the conference content.

  2. Gives the speakers an additional public artifact to use for their own brand building and public persona.

  3. Creates an additional revenue and sponsorship opportunity.

Dante32 can help structure and plan a podcast to help with any upcoming event you and your company are planning.


Podcast show format

What format should your show be ( interview, narrative, both)?

Different podcast formats can have different pros and cons. Interview shows are easier to start and produce, but can be difficult to create an engaging conversation between two people that don’t know each other well. Narrative podcasts can be incredibly engaging and informative, but are harder to create a produce. The format for your podcast depends on multiple factors like budget, your time, goals and scope of your podcast. Dante32 can help you answer these questions and more to find the right fit for your show.

Who should host (Single host, multiple hosts, rotating hosts)?

This depends on why you’re creating a podcast. For example, if you’re a service company looking for new clients, we recommend someone from your company host the podcast. It helps builds trust and establish credibility and authority to your listeners. If you’re selling products, you have more flexibility on who can host. You could have someone from the company or you can hire a professional host. Whichever you choose, Dante32 can help.

Should you have guests (Single guest, multiple guests, roundtables)?

When you have an interview based podcast, guests are a great way to grow your audience and listeners. Not only do they bring a vast amount of experience and information to your audience, the can also help expose their audience and personal networks to your podcast. That will help grow your audience and listener base. One important thing to keep in mind is that the more people on an episode, the more complex the recored and post-production editing will be. At Dante32, work with podcast formats of all kinds, from solo to interviews to roundtables and can help give you the right recommendation and advice for your podcast.


Recording setup

How should you record your podcast (in-person, remotely, both) ?

Recording setups for your podcasts can vary by format, budget, location and host expertise. A lot of show creators purchase spend too much on their equipment too quickly. We recommend starting very small and only get the basics of what you need to get started. We at Dante32 recommend starting very small and only purchase what you need. You can always grow your capabilities and equipment over time as you get more comfortable and experienced.


podcast launch strategy

How are you going to launch your podcast?

A well thought out launch strategy should take into account the listeners you’re trying to reach as well as the type of content you’re going to publish. Based on who you want to reach, you’ll have to identify your primary channels. Are you going to be active on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Are you going to sponsor other podcasts? We at Dante32 can help you answer these questions and more. We can also help you design and plan your launch strategy using our experience and expertise to ensure your launch goes smoothly.

What accounts and services do I need to launch my podcast?

At a minimum you’ll need an Apple account so you can publish your podcast to iTunes. There are several other services you can and should publish your podcast to including Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. At Dante32, our podcast hosting and distribution services will manage and take care of any and all setup for your podcast for you.

Should I advertise using Facebook or Google ?

Any type of advertising, digital or otherwise, should be guided by clear expectations and goals. Depending on your listener and your goals, some forms of digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn could be very valuable. We can help gauge how valuable and how to get started.