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Our episode planning and production services help with per-episode planning including content preparation, audio recording and post-production editing

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Episode Post-Production Cleanup

How can you make sure your audio sounds professional?

Audio editing can be complex and time consuming. Dante32 will take your podcast episode audio and perform all of the industry standard post-production necessary to ensure your audio sounds clean and professional to your listeners.


Removing Umm’s and Ahhh’s

How can you remove errors ( umm’s and ahh’s) as well as gaps in sound?

When recording people talk, it’s a fact that everyone screws up sometime. That’s where we come in: we’ll edit your audio to remove any errors, pauses, gaps or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.


Comprehensive Show notes

How do you create comprehensive show notes?

Show notes can be an incredibly useful tool to broaden your podcasts impact. They give your listener more context and additional resources to follow up on. We’ll ensure that every episode contains comprehensive show notes, suitable for publishing via your podcast feed as well as your website.

What should you include in your show notes?

At a minimum your show notes should include your contact information as well as any guests contact information. Some other ideas for show notes include: timecodes for specific topics in the episodes, full transcriptions and links to resources or products mentioned in the episode.

Should you include sharable quotes from your episode?

Pull quotes for easy sharing are a great way to stimulate sharing of your episode. As a bonus: they’re also a powerful tool to give your listeners a sense of what’s being discussed in the episode. We will help pull out the most salient quotes for your show notes.



How do you conduct a great interview?

A great interview should showcase your unique style and bring out the best, most engaging information from your guest. We can help you grow and improve as an interviewer by providing valuable feedback and input into your interview style.

What kind of background research should you do on your guests?

For interviews, a prepared host is as important as audio quality. Researching your guest, both history as well as recent events and projects, provides the interviewer valuable context to conduct a great interview.

What kinds of questions should your host ask your guests?

The best questions are both insightful as well as honest. You should find the best and most unique angle you can bring to a conversation with your guest.

What kinds of topics should you cover?

You should discuss topics with your potential guests to make sure that they are comfortable with anything you want to cover.


Editing for content and flow

How can you make sure your podcast episode is edited and scripted well?

The best way to avoid extensive editing in post-production is to be more prepared when you record. We at Dante32 will help guide you in your episode preparation and scripting.

How do you edit your episode to make sure it flows well?

Podcast episodes should be as long as they need to be and no longer. To make sure you’re resonating with your listeners, we edit and process your audio to ensure that the content and conversation flows well.


Marketing Materials

How do you market your podcast episodes?

You should market to your potential audience. That starts at the most basic level with your show title, description and other metadata that’s shown in iTunes, Spotify and other services. After that, your network is a great source of potential listeners.

What kinds of assets should you share on social media?

Different types of content perform better depending on the social network. Any visual content will catch a user eye more and draw them in. That means images, short videos or audio clients. Dante32 provides all of the above to your team, configured for each social network and ready for your team to use and promote.

How do you work with your larger marketing team?

Dante32 aims to be your full service podcasting partner, not your full service marketing team. The podcasts we produce are the most successful when our clients are happy, engaged and participating in the process. We work closely with your marketing team to provide them assets, support and guidance on how to market your podcast.

How does a podcast fit in with your other content pieces?

A podcast is a spoke of a multi-content wheel. The goal should be to get to your customers where they are. That means that a podcast could be 100% original content but it could also come from your content found in other areas: blogs, presentations or even books. We’ll help you repurpose any content into compelling podcast episodes.


Full Text transcriptions

Should I create full text transcriptions?

Listeners like to consume podcasts in a variety of different ways. Some like to listen & read at the same time and some like to go back and re-read a transcript to pull out the information they remember. Full text transcripts are also a great way to be more inclusive to listeners that are deaf or hard of hearing. Lastly, full text transcripts can provide significant SEO value for your website.

How do I create full text transcriptions of my podcast episodes?

Dante32 can create full text transcripts for your episodes for publishing, edited for clarify and quality.

Where do I put transcriptions of my episodes?

Transcripts are best published on the web, which maximizes their reach as well as enables them to be indexed by Google, providing additional SEO value to your podcast.