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Our podcast hosting services manage everything needed to host and distribute your podcast including audio hosting, major platform distribution to all major platforms and understanding your analytics.

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POdcast Distribution

Does Apple host my podcast?

Apple is the biggest name in podcasting but did you know they don’t actually host your podcast? Dante32 will help you work with Apple to distribute your podcast in iTunes as well as help you host your podcast so your listeners can find it.

Where do I upload my podcast?

We’ll help you understanding where to host, how hosting works and why you need a host. We’ll also setup and mange your hosting account, ensuring your listeners can download and listen to your podcast however they want to.


change management

How do I know when new services get introduced?

The biggest podcast directories today may not be the biggest tomorrow. We’ll take care of staying up to date with the latest industry movements so as new services and directories launch, your podcast will be there.


Podcast metadata Optimization

How to I make sure my podcast is searchable?

You can think of podcast directories like Spotify & iTunes as mini-search engines. We help make sure your podcast is optimized to be found by current as well as new listeners.

What categories & keywords do I use for my podcast?

The number of categories and keywords you can use for your podcast is almost unlimited. We will help identify both the right keywords as well the optimal categories to place your podcast into to maximize reach.

What should go into my podcasts title?

A podcast title is more than just the name of your podcast. It can let listeners know what type of content to expect from your. We’ll help you craft a powerful podcast title that will inform and convert, while avoiding potentially negative spamming practices that could result in a ban of your podcast.


Embedded player & Smart device support

How do I let web visitors listen to my podcast?

Podcasts can be listened to in any podcast player. However, they can also be heard via the web, smart speakers (like Amazons Echo and Google Home) and more. We’ll make sure your podcast supports all of these devices to ensure maximum reach to your audience.

Can I embed my podcast on other websites?

Sharing and spreading your podcast is a great way to generate more listeners. Allowing other websites the ability to embed your podcast into their websites makes that easy. We’ll make sure you’ve got a great looking and fast embeddable player to share for your podcast.


website integration

Does my podcast need a website?

Simply uploading your podcast to iTunes, Spotify and other directories is a great start, but a good podcast has a dedicated home on the web. Not only will it help give your podcast a more professional appearance, it will help listeners find you easier through normal search-engine optimization (SEO) practices. We’ll work with your team to find the right strategy for how to present your podcast.

How does my podcast fit in with my main website?

Your podcast is an extension of you and your brand. Dante32 will help craft a strategy for how your podcast will fit into your overall digital content strategy.


Regularly updated analytics reports

How do I know anyone is listening?

Yes! Podcasting is a simpler medium than traditional web tracking and analytics. This simplicity means that it’s more straightforward to know

Are there analytics for podcasts?

While podcast analytics are not as robust as traditional web analytics, there’s still a large amount of data we can get from the various hosts, directories and services.


Analytics Analysis

Where do I find my podcast analytics?

Analytics can be found in several different places: your podcast hosting provider, your web analytics as well as the various services that your podcast is published into.

How do I know what my podcast analytics mean?

This is where we come in: we’ll help you aggregate and integrate all of the various sources of analytic data that you’ll have access to. We’ll work with you and your team to analyze and act on your analytics.