Set That B*tch Free with Jacq Gould

Jacq Gould, founder of coaching company Your Inner Babe, is igniting raw, real, powerful conversations about body image and self-worth. Jacq is on a mission to transform the way women of all ages feel about themselves inside and out—starting with shifting their mindsets from self-doubt to self-love.

Set That B*tch Free will help you kick the inner drama to the curb and clear a path to unrestrained, unapologetic self-acceptance. Because self-worth is the difference between continuing to feel alone and starting to feel supported. Join Jacq and her guests to learn how you can find your inner babe, ignite her, and set that b*tch free. Find out more at Your Inner Babe.

What we did:

  • Helped define podcast structure and launch strategy, consulting on name, format, frequency and overall tone.

  • Collaborated on creative episode formats to accommodate a variety of interviews and guests

  • Managed marketing asset creation for social media, email and blog promotion.

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