Full service podcasting company located in Chicago.

We are a boutique agency working with companies to create and distribute original podcasts to augment their branding and marketing efforts.

We leverage existing content (blogs, social media, books) to design, plan, create and distribute high quality podcasts.  We focus on creating podcasts that increase brand awareness, aid in customer education and help support customer retention.


Podcast Creation & Launch Strategy

Everything necessary to plan your podcast, including assessment of existing content, goal determination and podcast structure recommendation.

  • Podcast goal and strategy

  • Show name, format and frequency recommendation

  • Audio equipment guidance

  • Existing content & assets analysis


Episode Planning & Production

Per-episode planning including content preparation, scripting, guest management, audio recording consultation and post-production editing.

  • Audio post-production, leveling and compression

  • Editing for errors and flow

  • Comprehensive show notes creation

  • Content prep and scripting


Hosting, Distribution & Analytics

Includes audio hosting, distribution to all major platforms, feed management, analytics analysis, social media / marketing asset creation.

  • Distribution to all major services (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher)

  • Social media & email marketing

  • Podcast & audio hosting