Episode Production, Distribution & Marketing

Opting to use a podcast to enhance your brand is a huge step toward expanding the reach of your company’s message. After you’ve made the decision to launch, Dante32 will collaborate with you to ensure your podcast has high production value and is distributed to all the channels that will help you attract your audience. Finally, Dante32 will advise you on podcast marketing best practices to grow your podcast’s reach. Our team offers ongoing partnerships to handle every aspect of production, analytics, distribution, and marketing thus ensuring your episodes are crisp, clear, professional, and are reaching your target demographics. Consider us your podcasting concierge service.

On average, people listen to 85% of a podcast they start regardless of episode length.

- Wired 2018


Planning Episode Content

Making great sounding audio starts with deciding what you’re going to say.

At the end of the day, the purpose of your podcast is to create content that aligns with your company’s overall marketing goals and engages your customers. The key to finding and keeping an engaged audience is to speak about subjects of interest that add value to your customer’s lives. Equally important is to keep your episode content and format cohesive.

Our team can help you plan episodes to ensure that your subject matter flows well and follows all the best practices for narrative structure. Regardless of the format you’ve chosen for your show, our team will collaborate with you to plan every aspect of episode content from the topics covered or questions asked to sharing that content on blogs and social media.



Fitting your podcast into your overall marketing strategy

Each podcast episode created by your company can yield multiple additional pieces of content. One episode in which you interview an expert will give you pull quotes that can be turned into visuals or audiograms on social media. Those same quotes can be the topic for a new blog post. That blog post can be the theme of your next email newsletter. This stream of microcontent ensures you’ll never run out of things to share with your audience. There are myriad ways that podcast content can help you reach your marketing goals and the Dante32 content team is here to create those materials for you.

We’ll handle your show notes, the summary of your episode with all relevant links discussed, as well as your social media assets. These assets can include images overlaid with text that are easily shareable on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among other networks. You’ll also receive audiograms, short, shareable snippets of your episode for social media, blog, or newsletter dissemination.

If you prefer long-form content, our team can create blog posts or entire newsletters around just a single episode of your podcast. Creating just one audio asset has the potential to multiply your content output allowing you more varied opportunities to reach your audience.

Guest Identification and Host Prep

We’ll teach you the techniques needed to be a good host

For interviews, a prepared host is as important as audio quality. We can help you grow and improve as an interviewer by providing valuable feedback and input into your interview style. We will also coach you on the types of questions to ask to create the most compelling content and sound bites for each episode.

If the idea of finding and booking interview subjects seems too cumbersome, Dante32 can advise you on the best people to book specific to your show’s content and make that connection for you. We’ll teach you how to research and engage with the experts in your industry to help you create interesting, meaningful content for your customers.


82% of podcast are consumed when the listener is mobile, meaning getting access to them where they wouldn’t be able to read or watch a video.

- Edison Research The Infinite Dial 2018


Recording your episode.

Great audio is clear, clean sounding and engaging.

You recorded your episode now we’ll take over. Dante32 will edit and process your audio to ensure that the content and conversation flows well. When recording people talk, it’s a fact that everyone screws up at times. We’ll edit your audio to remove any errors, pauses, gaps, or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.

To get a great episode, we always start with the people first. Regardless if it’s your first episode or your 500th, improving your mic technique, speaking and comfort behind the microphone will result in the very best audio for your podcast.

As more than just audio experts, we partner with your team to improve your episodes content, flow and overall narrative storytelling. Podcast episodes should be as long as they need to be and no longer. To make sure you’re resonating with your listeners, we edit and process your audio to ensure that the content and conversation flows well.

You recorded your episode now we’ll take over.

How your raw audio will become a podcast.

Audio editing can be complex and time-consuming. We’ll take your podcast episode audio and perform all of the industry standard post-production necessary to ensure your audio sounds clean and professional, including removing any errors, pauses, gaps or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.

When recording people talk, it’s a fact that everyone screws up sometime. That’s where we come in: we’ll edit your audio to remove any errors, pauses, gaps or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.


Publishing your episode

Ready for your social media, blog, email and any other channel.

Dante32 aims to be your full service podcasting partner, not your full service marketing team. The podcasts we produce are the most successful when our clients are happy, engaged and participating in the process.

We work closely with your marketing team to provide them assets, support and guidance on how to market your podcast


Monthly podcast listening on Spotify has grown 65% since 2018 for people ages 12-24. 

- 2019 Infinite Dial by Edison Research

Ongoing analytics reporting & analysis

Knowing your audience is the key to growth

Your analytics can paint a picture of the overall health of your show. These numbers are not a mark of success or failure, rather they are a guide to help you improve your podcast and figure out what you need to target in order to grow.

Numbers can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with industry jargon or benchmarks. Dante32 can help you aggregate and integrate all the various sources of analytic data that you have access to. We’ll work with you and your team to analyze and act on your data by making recommendations on future episode topics, marketing demographics to target, and advertising avenues to explore.


Setting Up and Managing Your Podcast Host

Hosting enables listeners to discover your podcast

Apple is the biggest name in podcasting, but did you know they don’t host podcasts? We’ll help you understand where to host, how hosting works, and why you need a host. We’ll also set up and manage your hosting account, ensuring your listeners can download and listen to your podcast however they want to.

Help Your Customers Find Your Show

We get your podcast into your listener’s ears

Podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher among many other new directories appearing daily. These services are not only how people will listen; it’s also how many will find your show. Practicing good podcast SEO within all these services will help in discoverability.

Uploading your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other directories is a great start, but a good podcast has a dedicated home on the web. Not only will it help give your podcast a more professional appearance, it will help listeners find you more easily via normal search-engine optimization (SEO) practices. We’ll work with your team to find the right strategy to present your podcast.

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Partner with Us

Since 2018, the Dante32 team has been partnering with companies to take over the complex and time-consuming tasks of podcast production.