4 Ways to Use a Podcast to Promote Your Event

Podcasting has been around for well over a decade but it’s probably not the first thing event planners think of when they’re building their marketing plan. Adding podcasts to your promotional mix can be just what your event needs to grow excitement and audiences. Podcast listeners already care about your message — they’ve tuned in specifically to hear what you have to say.

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The Myth of Peak Podcasting

Given that the demand for podcasts continues to grow, the next question would be what does the podcast supply look like? Dave Zohrob, CEO of Podcast Analytics service Chartable, recently tweeted out that there are over 700,000 podcasts in the iTunes catalog. Is that too many?

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4 Innovative Uses of Podcasting

If you look around the podcasting landscape it’s easy to see certain themes pop up in terms of what is being talked about. However charting in iTunes isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the sole goal of a podcast. Across the industry innovative uses of audio & podcasts are popping up, whose goal is not necessarily aimed at getting the largest audience possible.

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Where's the Blockbuster of Podcasting?

Last week the podcasting world couldn’t stop talking about the public launch announcement from  Luminary Media. Luminary was previously in stealth mode, having raised over $40 million in funding back in May of 2018  to create the “Netflix of Podcasting”. When they launched last week, that number jumped to nearly $100 million in funding.

But what does being the Netflix of Podcasting mean and why are companies rushing to become it?

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