Podcast Creation & Launch Strategy

Podcasting is a uniquely intimate medium, helping people and brands establish credibility and deep connections with their audience through storytelling. Podcasts help build brand awareness, improve customer retention and aid in customer education. Adding a podcast to your content strategy can also help you reach audiences you otherwise wouldn’t.

51% of the US population listens to podcasts regularly.

- Edison Research Podcast Consumer 2019


Plan your podcast strategy

Having clear goals is the first step creating engaging stories.

Podcasts can help build brand awareness, improve customer retention and aid in customer education. We help you clarify and analyze your goals to make sure a podcast is the right fit for you.

Adding a podcast to your content strategy can enable you to reach audiences that are incredibly busy and increasingly mobile. With the help of engaging audio content, you can meet customers where they are.


Recording your voice to capture your story.

The right equipment and setup can take you from amateur to professional.

You don’t need to spend thousands on professional equipment. Thinking about how to record your podcast can save you both time and money.

Getting the right setup for your podcast can create audio that your listeners will love.


Podcasts can generate up to 4.4 times better brand recall than display ads, including scroll, static and pop-up ads on other digital media platforms. 

- 2018 Nielsen Survey

Define an engaging content strategy

Decide how you will communicate your story to engage with your audience.

How you decide to give your voice life matters as much as what you are saying.

Different podcast formats have pros and cons. Choose a format that fits your audience, your goals and your voice.


Episode Strategy

Dante32 is your podcast coach

If you or your team are new to podcasting it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That’s why Dante32’s team will coach you on recording best practices, microphone and recording software, and how to improve your episode’s content, flow, and overall narrative storytelling.

To get a great episode, we always start with the people first. Regardless of whether it’s your first episode or your 500th, improving your mic technique, speaking, and comfort behind the microphone will result in the very best audio for your podcast.

Launching your podcast

The end result of all your hard work.

Launching a podcast is much more than uploading to iTunes, Spotify or Google. You’ll need cover art, music, show description and a trailer episode. You’ll need to integrate your podcast into your website, email and other other content channels.

As your partner, Dante32 will work you you on every step. From giving your podcast a home on the web to making sure you’re in all the major services you’ve heard of (and even some you haven’t). We’re your eyes and ears in the podcast community.


Check out some podcasts we’ve helped create


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Your customers are busy and increasingly mobile. Are you reaching them where they are?