Microcontent Creation

Podcasts are an exciting opportunity to reach your company or brand’s marketing objectives. The audio medium allows you to speak directly to your customer base, and each episode you create has the potential to lead to an even greater number of pieces of marketing collateral. Dante32 will work with you to create a comprehensive content marketing plan that utilizes microcontent to turn your podcast episodes into blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, audiograms, and videos so that you can meet your audience at a variety of access points. In podcasting, microcontent is king and the Dante32 team can create these materials to ensure you have a continuous stream of shareable content.

90 million people have listened to a podcast within the last month, an 18% increase over 2018.

- Edison Research Podcast Consumer 2019


Create Additional Content From Your Podcast

Repurposing content so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

When it comes to podcast marketing, microcontent has the highest return on investment. This is because for every podcast episode you produce, you are then able to create multiple corresponding pieces of social media content such as shareable images or videos as well as blog posts and newsletters that further dive into the subject matter discussed on your show. You get all this extra content from one episode of your podcast. By establishing a microcontent routine, you gain multiple pieces of marketing collateral for a fraction of the effort thus freeing up your team to focus on other marketing goals.

Because it targets a variety of marketing channels, the strategy of using microcontent maximizes your reach. Each member of your audience, as well as prospective clients and listeners, has time constraints or preferred methods of consuming information. When you have pieces of content of varying lengths across platforms, you serve up more opportunities for people to consume your content.

Dante32 will lay out a microcontent creation plan for you that includes newsletters, blog posts, audiograms, social media assets, and video so that you can establish a routine around each podcast episode. If the amount of content is too cumbersome for you or your team’s workload, the Dante32 team can handle all the microcontent creation for you. All the content we produce utilizes SEO marketing best practices and will give your customers additional avenues to absorb your message.


Using Audiograms to Create Engaging Audio Snippets

Creating bite-sized, shareable audio to package the best of your episodes

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and saw a video with a snippet of audio, you’ve seen an audiogram. These short videos pair visuals with a short clip of audio from your podcast episode. Audiograms can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other channel you which to market on. Generally less than a minute long, these are perfect audio nuggets to intrigue new listeners and get them to check out your show. Dante32 can create multiple audiograms per episode of your podcast giving you several opportunities to show off your best work and reach new audiences across platforms.


Podcasts can generate up to 4.4 times better brand recall than display ads, including scroll, static and pop-up ads on other digital media platforms. 

- 2018 Nielsen Survey

Extend Your Podcast to Social Media Channels

Pull quotes and excerpts that you can share

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat….the list of social media networks you’re expected to be on keeps growing. How could a company keep creating optimized content for all of those channels, week after week? The answer is a podcast. Audio podcasts provide a tremendous source of content that can be repurposed into exactly the small, shareable snippets of content needed for your social media strategy.

For every episode, Dante32 will create shareable social media content for each network you’re active on. This includes:

  • Visual images overlaid with quotes that you can share on all your social networks or use in blog posts and newsletters.

  • Text based updates for each of your social network accounts using best practices relevant to each one thus ensuring maximum engagement.


Additional Blog Posts

You’ve got a blog, now you’ve got new, fresh content to publish to it..automatically.

Your blog is still one of the most important sections of your website. Blog posts are still one of the easiest and best ways to grow your domain authority which helps with your SEO. A well curated blog is also a destination where your customer base can learn more about your brand and your company’s unique voice.

Since blog posts are also one of the most effective ways to drive SEO traffic to your website, adding a podcast to your marketing arsenal is another great source for new blog posts. Dante32 will craft blog posts centered around the subject matter of each podcast episode you produce so that you can engage customers who prefer to read and to add more SEO opportunities so that Google will lead new customers directly to you.

Editorial Calendar

Creating a plan of action that’s multi-channel and thematically aligned.

First, the Dante32 team will help you get organized. Consistent posting is what gets you placed higher in search results. To manage the logistics of what content will be written and posted on a monthly basis, Dante32 helps you create an editorial calendar so that everything is organized, and you can easily see your deadlines.

An editorial calendar further enables you to plan out your content in accordance with other events, important dates, or initiatives your company is running. This enables a streamlined content flow in which you can schedule your posts and keep churning out fresh content daily, weekly, or monthly.

By using the same source material for your other content channels, you’ll ensure that all of your messaging is aligned and consistent, regardless of channel.


Newsletter Content Creation

One of the biggest drivers of audience growth is also one of the oldest

Email marketing is still one of the most important methods to drive customers to your podcast and website. Your newsletter list is an audience that has specifically opted in to hear what you have to say. When you begin podcasting, you can easily shape a newsletter around the subject matter of your episode. You can craft a message centered around your podcast and include other pieces of microcontent such as images and blog posts.

Dante32 will give you newsletter best practices as well as ideas for newsletter content shaped around your podcast. Our team is also available to create your newsletters for you so all you have to do is click “send.”

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From blog posts to social media updates to newsletters, we can help you save time and money with your content strategy.