3 Reasons Why Executives Should Podcast

The secret is out...podcasting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build brand awareness and establish influence. Executives that podcast can share their expertise with a wider audience making it easier than ever to capture interest and create a following, both internally and externally.

Not convinced yet? Read on for three ways a podcast can help executives break out of a communication rut.

To Build Their Personal Brand

Building a personal brand takes countless hours of dedicated thought leadership —hours spent crafting your unique point of view so you can answer your audience’s questions with confidence and clarity. How do you harness all that knowledge and offer it up into a medium that’s easy to digest and promotes your personal brand? The answer is in a podcast.

Podcasts offer the opportunity to articulate your business and your personal brand without a lot of complicated communication layers. It’s a straightforward approach to reaching your target in your own voice. Your audience can hear your message straight from the source, building a level of trust and loyalty that you can’t get from a blog post.

Take Advantage of a Good Networking and Sales Opportunity

As a busy executive, you don’t have time to meet one-on-one with every prospective client. A podcast allows you to share your valuable expertise with a wide audience of potential clients. Once you’ve established credibility with your audience, the pathway to a future business relationship becomes easier and faster to navigate.

Take it a step further and invite these potential clients as guests on your podcast. They can share their particular area of expertise with your audience and you can focus on opening the door to a strong client partnership.

As an Effective Communication Mechanism for Their Teams

How do you typically get the word out about company performance or new company initiatives? A company-wide email? An all-hands-on-deck meeting? Podcasts are a fresh way to communicate company updates and they tend to have higher engagement. Instead of struggling to hear your message from the back of the room, employees can listen to a podcast on their own time. Because your message has been carefully crafted and edited to highlight crucial talking points, it allows them to better internalize the message.

Podcasting is a unique way for executives to build and strengthen their personal brand, make networking and sales initiatives more effective, and spread company-wide messaging straight to the source. By entering the arena of podcasting, you are taking advantage of a medium that allows for excellent reach and longevity.

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Griffin Caprio