Sherry Walling from ZenFounder

In this episode we’re talking with Sherry Walling, clinical psychologist; creator of ZenFounder, LLC, a trailblazing company that works with entrepreneurs and their families. Sherry is also the co-host of the ZenFounder podcast which was recently named by Forbes as one of the “12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs.”

Ashley Davidson from The Prinz Law Firm

This week we’re speaking with Ashley Davidson, a law student and aspiring podcaster. She works at the Prinz Law Firm with Kristin Prinz, whom we interviewed for our 5th episode. Working with Kristin on Around the Watercooler was one of the reasons Ashley became interested in starting a podcast of her own. 

Amanda Neely from Business Activist Entrepreneur

This week we’re speaking with Amanda Neely, coach to entrepreneurs and a business activist entrepreneur herself along with her husband and business partner Brandon. In this episode, we talk with Amanda about her passion for creating a community where entrepreneurs realize they aren’t alone, why she and Brandon are building their second social enterprise, and the importance of remembering the business basics of branding and marketing when starting your podcast.

Nathan Webster from the Social Entrepreneur

In this episode we talk with Nathan Webster, host of the Social Entrepreneur podcast, about his hometown of Vancouver, Washington, why he started the podcast as a way of giving back to the community, and the benefits of mixing in 'quick tip-style' episodes alongside long form interviews. 

Paco Garcia Jaen from G*M*S Magazine

In this episode we’re speaking with Paco Garcia Jaen, founder and host of G*M*S Magazine Podcast, joining us from Valencia, Spain. We talked with Paco about podcasting, role playing and tabletop games, the need for greater diversity in RPG character creation and gaming in general and Paco encouraged Griffin to come out of the gaming closet. 

Kristen Prinz from Around the Watercooler

This week we’re speaking with Kristen Prinz, owner of the boutique Chicago based law firm “The Prinz Law Firm“ which specializes in business law. Kristen is also the host of the Around the Watercooler podcast where she shares not only the success stories, but also the horror stories that she has encountered along her journey as an attorney.

Allison Manley from the Manleywoman SkateCast

In this episode we’re speaking with Allison Manley, creator of the Manleywoman SkateCast. Which she hosted for 8 years starting in early 2007, before taking a well deserved hiatus. We had a great conversation with Alison about launching a podcast, the world of figure skating, unexpected answers to interview questions, and why she’s been itching to get back into the podcast game. 

Adam Mutschler from The Founders Mind

Today we’re speaking with Adam Mutschler (Much-ler). Adam is a friend of ours, having worked with Jenn at a previous startup. We talk with Adam about his podcast, The Founders Mind, fatherhood and why he’s already planning two more podcasts.

Introducing From the Beginning

From the Beginning is our show about podcasters, their origins and how they came to create their podcast. Speaking to a wide range of podcasters from executive coaches to software developers to die hard Cubs fans, From the Beginning takes a look behind the mic at the hosts of your favorite podcasts to find out why they do what they do.