Podcast Creation and Marketing for Businesses and Brands

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Audio is changing the world. 51% of the U.S. population listens to podcasts and 21% own at least one smart audio device. No other medium comes close to the power of audio to connect, compel, and convert. And this is the tip of the iceberg. Are you harnessing this power for your brand?

Welcome to Dante32. We are audio experts helping companies and individuals elevate their brands and connect with customers using the ultimate marketing tool: their voice.

Based in Chicago, the Dante32 team offers comprehensive podcast production services, infusing innovation, empathy, and humanity into our business model. From creation and launch, to episode planning and production, to hosting, distribution and analytics, we make amplifying the story of your brand seamless and authentic.

Ready to get your voice out into the world?



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Podcast Creation & Launch Strategy

You want to create a podcast, but don’t know where to start. That’s our cue. First, Dante32 will help you clarify and analyze your goals to make sure a podcast is the right fit for your brand. Then, we’ll help you incorporate audio into your marketing strategy to meet your customers where they are. Finally, as your strategic partners, we work with you on everything you need to create a podcast strategy including setting goals, podcast structure, and launch strategy.


Episode Planning & Production

Once you’re ready to launch, we’ll help your podcast cut through the noise. We partner with you to plan and produce each episode. From content planning and interview preparation, to audio recording and post-production editing, our team will make sure your podcast meets industry standards and sounds clean, crisp, and professional.

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Microcontent Creation & Marketing

As soon as your podcast is polished and you’ve gotten into a production groove, it’s time to market your podcast and get it into the ears of new listeners. Our content strategy team will help you plan your editorial calendar and pack it full of microcontent, a cutting edge strategy of repurposing your podcast, so that you can stay on top of your blogging, social media, and newsletters without having to reinvent the wheel. Written content in conjunction with your audio content helps maximize your SEO and gives your customers multiple access points to your brand.

Using pull quotes, transcriptions and soundbites from your episodes, Dante32 can help you create a broad audio content marketing strategy. We’ll give your marketing collateral a professional touch by creating audiograms to share snippets of your episodes on all major marketing channels.