Episode Planning & Production


We partner with you to plan and produce each episode. From content planning and interview preparation, to audio recording and post-production editing, our team will make sure your podcast meets industry standards and sounds clean, crisp, and professional.

On average, people listen to 85% of a podcast they start regardless of episode length.

- Wired 2018


Plan episode content

Making great sounding audio starts with deciding what you’re going to say.

For interviews, a prepared host is as important as audio quality. Researching your guest provides the interviewer with valuable context to conduct a great interview.

A great interview should showcase your unique style and bring out the best, most engaging information from your guest. We can help you grow and improve as an interviewer by providing valuable feedback and input into your interview style.


Recording your episode.

Great audio is clear, clean sounding and engaging.

To get a great episode, we always start with the people first. Regardless if it’s your first episode or your 500th, improving your mic technique, speaking and comfort behind the microphone will result in the very best audio for your podcast.

As more than just audio experts, we partner with your team to improve your episodes content, flow and overall narrative storytelling. Podcast episodes should be as long as they need to be and no longer. To make sure you’re resonating with your listeners, we edit and process your audio to ensure that the content and conversation flows well.


82% of podcast are consumed when the listener is mobile, meaning getting access to them where they wouldn’t be able to read or watch a video.

- Edison Research The Infinite Dial 2018

You recorded your episode now we’ll take over.

How your raw audio will become a podcast.

Audio editing can be complex and time-consuming. We’ll take your podcast episode audio and perform all of the industry standard post-production necessary to ensure your audio sounds clean and professional, including removing any errors, pauses, gaps or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.

When recording people talk, it’s a fact that everyone screws up sometime. That’s where we come in: we’ll edit your audio to remove any errors, pauses, gaps or unnecessary content so that your episode is crisp and to the point.


Publishing your episode

Ready for your social media, blog, email and any other channel.

Dante32 aims to be your full service podcasting partner, not your full service marketing team. The podcasts we produce are the most successful when our clients are happy, engaged and participating in the process.

We work closely with your marketing team to provide them assets, support and guidance on how to market your podcast

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Partner with Us

Since 2018, the Dante32 team has been partnering with companies to take over the complex and time-consuming tasks of podcast production.