Tips for Being a Guest on a Podcast

HI there! Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on one of our podcasts! In order to ensure you sound your best and that we capture a great recording we’ve included some tips and recommendations below.



Web Browser

  • Use the SquadCast link provided in the calendar invite the day of the call. We'll take the first 5-10 minutes to ensure you are able to get connected and your mic setup properly.

  • We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome if at all possible. (You can verify your version is updated by copy and pasting chrome://settings/help into a Chrome tab.)

Tips for Excellent sound

  • Find a quiet space where you can take the call and turn off any audible notifications on your laptop and phone.

  • Use some type of wired mic, rather than bluetooth headphones or the built-in mic in your laptop.

  • Use headphones during the interview and set the volume at a level where someone else in the room wouldn’t be able to hear sound from your headphones. This ensures your mic won’t pick up other people talking and create a distracting echo.

  • Keep your mic away from your keyboard or avoid typing, especially if you have a mechanical keyboard.