4 Ways to Use a Podcast to Promote Your Event

Podcasting has been around for well over a decade but it’s probably not the first thing event planners think of when they’re building their marketing plan. Adding podcasts to your promotional mix can be just what your event needs to grow excitement and audiences. Podcast listeners already care about your message — they’ve tuned in specifically to hear what you have to say. You can successfully promote your event by speaking directly to this captive audience.

Here are four ways a podcast can help your event reach beyond the walls of the convention center.

Recruit Speakers For Your Event

The added publicity boost that a podcast provides can be the perfect incentive to convince a hard-to-get speaker to sign on to your event. Pre- or post event promotion via a podcast can be just what they’re looking for to boost their exposure.

If you really want to create incentive, offer a live podcast. By going live, your speaker will instantly be able to reach a wider audience and you’ll be able to promote your event on social media with the added buzz of a live broadcast stream.

Whether you pre-record or go live, your speakers and your sponsors can promote the broadcast to their own networks leading up to the event and after it’s over. In the future, you can use the recorded podcast to liven up the promotion of your next event.

Use Your Recorded Material to Your Advantage

A podcast can help you amplify the output across multiple channels and pay dividends long after the event ends. You can spread the message on social media. You can add it to your next newsletter. And you can use it for internal efforts like training or team building. By doing so, you’ll be able to reach a significantly broader audience of people that weren’t able to attend the event in person. By repurposing your content into additional microcontent, the possibilities for content distribution are truly far-reaching.

Keep Your Event Top of Mind

The weeks leading up to your event are a crucial time for driving event registrations and maximizing attendance. A podcast is a great tool to add to your marketing mix — reach a wider audience with timely, targeted information.

But what happens when the conference is over and the attendees have left their badges in the ballroom? Is your content still on their minds or have they moved on to new topics? Instead of letting this fresh knowledge fade into oblivion, keep it relevant year-round. Edit material into a podcast that you can introduce whenever there is a need to update or reference the original content.

Build Your Audience With the Right Sponsorship Opportunities

Perhaps you have a few sponsors that can’t sponsor an entire event because it’s not in their budget. Offer them podcast sponsorship and suddenly you’ve created a brand new value proposition that can both grow your audience and give them wider exposure. Podcast sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity for sponsors to target a captivated and highly engaged audience.

Podcasting is a cost-effective way to maximize your marketing investment as well as provide additional revenue opportunities. Harnessing the power of podcasts in any or all of the aforementioned ways is a smart strategy to grow your event’s audience and reach.

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